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1. Welcome!

On the evening of June 19 in Beijing Normal University, Shannon (violin), NiuNiu (piano), and I settled on stage before a piano, violin, and cello. With a final nervous but reassuring glance at one another, we lifted our arms and let the hours of careful practice guide our minds and our bodies through an hour's …


2. Beijing: Day One

Scrambled eggs. Today was a plate of scrambled eggs. Just a few minutes post landing, we're scrambling in messy buns and smeared makeup to prep for tonight's concert. It's 5am, it's humid hot, and our concert takes place at Peking Normal University this evening. 5am-7am: Luggage Struggle After pushing a toppling cart of luggage through …

5. Fun Day in Harbin

We were able to enjoy so many of Harbin's tourist attractions, take a look at the many unique spots Harbin has to offer... Ice Park: Taiyang Dao: Tiger Park/Conservatory: Linen Marketplace: Lakeside (by Zhongyang Dajie) + Wanda Mall:

7. Back to Beijing: The Final Stop!

And our final stop... Stanford Center at Peking University! We wanted to express our gratitude to Stanford for all the support and guidance we've received as students, and to celebrate the arts abroad. Stanford Center at Peking University Performance: